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Pavement Maintenance

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  • Extending the Life of Your Pavement
  • Exposure to heat and cold creates an endless cycle of contraction and expansion which takes a toll on your asphalt and causes it to crack and break down. If you leave these cracks unsealed, they will widen over time and will speed up the need to replace your asphalt before it’s time. Not maintaining your pavement would be like not changing the oil in your car. Cracks will allow water to erode the supporting structures of your pavement and will lead to pot holes and structural failure. Eighteen-year asphalt life cycle studies have shown proper asphalt maintenance saves about 30% versus repairing asphalt at the end of its life cycle. Regular maintenance can save you on expensive replacement projects.

  • Adds Curb Appeal
  • When you keep your pavement well maintained it will improve the overall appearance of your property. First impressions can be a lasting impression. It will translate into an impression that will either reflect well or poorly on your business. If your customers dodge potholes, they just might find another, more inviting place to do business.

  • Reducing Liability
  • Properly maintaining your pavement can reduce liability by reducing the chance someone will be injured on your property. Outdoor surfaces are the leading areas in which slip and fall injuries take place, this includes sidewalks and parking lots. Potholes, slick surfaces and exposed cracks are some of the leading causes of these injuries.