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Pavement Maintenance

Offering A Full Range of Cost-Effective Solutions and The Owner on Every Project

Bowman Brothers Has Been Family Owned and Operated Since 1982

  • Almost 40 Years Experience
  • Our experience gives us the ability to identify your needs, layout an exceptional plan of action, anticipate possible complications and execute the work in an exceptional manner. You will get the job done right the first time. The job isn't done until you say it's done.

  • Owner Involvement in All Projects
  • To make sure you get the best quality job every time we do all the work and the owner is on all worksites while the work is being done.* This way the job gets done right the first time.

  • The Ability to Do Large Projects
  • When you need a company to handle a large project and yet do a quality job Bowman Brothers can get it done. We are small enough to give you personalized service with the owner on every jobs site while large enough to do big projects. We have done everything from large office building to big box stores. We have done 380 Walmart Stores in the Midwest and 214 Lowe’s stores from Indiana to Miami.

  • Responsiveness to Our Customer
  • If you have ever worked with a contractor who wasn't good at returning your calls you will find us a breath of fresh air. We respond to our customer in 24 hours or less. The job isn't done until you say it's done. We do a walk through after completion to make sure you are happy.

  • Indiana’s Only Jennite Approved Applicator
  • We can provide an option that others can't. "Jennite is a premium quality pavement coating composed of refined coal tar that is fortified with rubber prior to emulsification." Only Jennite trained and licensed contractors can buy and apply their premium surfacing system. We can give you the option to provide Jennite with its ultimate protection, maximum durability, safe & easier to clean with a lustrous black finish while our competition can't.

*The only exception when it comes to doing all of our own work is on large new asphalt installation and large overlays.